Storm and sewer drain cleaning, five year drainage recertification, grouting, telespection, repair: PROLINE VACTOR SERVICES, INC. Lake Worth, Florida (561) 340-1495 - PO Box 541149, Lake Worth FL 33454


Storm & Sewer Drainage Pipe Cleaning, Re-certification, Hydroexcavation, Inspection and Repair Services - Our Professional Expertise

PROLINE Vactor Truck, one of 11 vehicles in our state-of-the-art fleetPROLINE Vactor Services has served clients across a broad range of applications, and we are proud of our volume of repeat customers throughout the state of Florida.

Since 1998 we have provided our full range of professional sewer line cleaning, storm and drainage pipe cleaning, recertification, hydroexcavation, inspection and repair services expertise to:

  • developers
  • contractors
  • residential developments & homeowner associations
  • municipalities
  • commercial clients
  • industrial businesses
  • parking garage owners
  • the Florida Department of Transportation
  • South Florida's Tri-Rail commuter rail system

Call us at (561) 340-1495. We pride ourselves on flexibility and commitment to be there when you need us.